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Like Words?

That’s the only requirement to join us! We’re a worldwide organization open to all, regardless of location, nationality, age, or other criteria. If you’re into words, why not join us?

What’s the Benefit?

The ENS organization is responsible for shaping the lexicon of coined words wherever English is spoken or written. Our members decide the fate of dubious word submissions, settle disputes, and determine ENS activities (like WordRight). Online, members create new-word games and creative challenges (they compete in them, too). Members annually select the charities to receive funding from ENS activities, access the Neoblogia blog, and vote online for officers and organizational matters. And members enjoy exclusive access to the International Registry of English Neologisms, the de facto worldwide repository of newly coined words submitted by owners.

What Does It Cost?

You can join now, just by submitting the 1-time, tax-deductible fee listed for your country’s currency. You can also join ENS by submitting your first neologism, for yourself or someone else (membership is an automatic part of your WordRight purchase). WordRight rates differ for Standard, Premium, and Entitlement choices (click here for all fees).

Remember, your membership fee is entirely tax-deductible*, as a contribution to the charity you select!  Your confirmation notice documents your contribution.

What Are You Waiting For?

We’d love to welcome you to the English Neologia Society. Your lifetime membership requires no further dues, no maintenance fees, and (if desired) no active participation. Our meetings and activities are online and completely voluntary. Your choose your level of involvement, opting-in only when you’d like. Whether you’re a professional linguist or just someone who likes to have fun with words, we invite you to join our growing organization.