Now, for the first time in history, you can OWN YOUR OWN WORD!

The English Neologia Society now offers exclusive and absolute certification of word ownership, by conferring WordRight™ authentication to a neologism (new word) applicant/owner. Once granted, WordRight certification is considered property and can be consigned, transferred, sold, traded, or bequeathed at the will of the owner.

Take ‘blint’ for example. WordRight holder M. Raymond of Princeton, NJ, USA, can smugly shake his fist and shout “You stupid blint!” at a careless driver, leave his job on a whim with “...a bad case of the blint,” or tell his waiter the broccoli “tastes too blinty.” Mr. Raymond coined, defined, and registered ‘blint’ with the International Registry of English Neologisms (IREN), and can now exercise his exclusive and perpetual WordRight (Red W on texture) regarding its use. 

You can do the same. Claim an old family term, like ‘glintz’(but hold on! Owner Jill Clement of Perth, AU, has already defined it as “the spit people spray when they’re talking up close”).  Follow Jon Craig’s lead with a clever word fusion like ‘stirvation’ (“repeatedly exploring the refrigerator’s contents without satisfaction”). Or create something totally personal, like ‘morrisize’ (too late!  New York City’s M.T. Morris holds the rights). Use your imagination.  Spell your name backwards. Anagram your birthplace. Coin a new expletive. Alphabetize your Social Security number. Got a friend, spouse, or nephew just right for a creative gift? Give a WordRight Certificate, and let them come up with their own.

Once registered (it takes 10 minutes), you’ll receive confirmation of WordRight and your word will be listed in ENS’s official International Registry of English Neologisms. Upgrade to Premium and you’ll also receive a handsomely framed Certificate of WordRight, a personalized, wallet-sized WordRight card, and a voting position on our worldwide ENS panel. Best of all, because ENS is a non-profit organization, we forward ALL profits to the charity you choose!

You’re only as good as your word. Grab it now, before it’s gone forever. Click the bar below to see if your word is a neologism, or use the navigation buttons at left to explore other parts of the ENS site.

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